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game: shatteredparadise
<p>You will have to expand &quot;Assets&quot; to see the download links.</p>
The menu on the right lets you build buildings and units. The first
things you need to build are a Power Plant (gives you power), a
Infantry building (builds units) and Storage (harvests resources).
When you build your Storage, there will be a Miner that comes with
it. Use this to harvest resources. Resources will look like a forest.
You can build more harvester from the vehicle building.
To set your in-game name, click on &quot;Settings&quot;. You'll be
able to set your name under &quot;Player Name&quot;.
From the main menu, click on &quot;Multiplayer&quot; and then click
on &quot;Direct IP&quot;. Fill in <span class="fw-bold">{{ site.content.play_domain_name }}</span> and set the port at
<span class="fw-bold">12340</span>. The standard port is 1234, but is already taken. Then click on &quot;Join&quot;
<img src="assets/img/help_shatteredparadise.png" alt="The join screen in Shattered Paradise" class="img-fluid">
<p>You will be placed in the lobby with the other players</p>