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layout: help
game: opensoldat
<p>The game does not have a GUI yet. You need to start it from the terminal/command prompt. When you do so, it will create a configs directory with a client.cfg file. You can add your settings to that.</p>
<p>The AppImage for Linux creates the config file in <tt>~/.config/share/Soldat/Soldat</tt> instead.</p>
<p>Things you might like to set:</p>
<li><tt>cl_player_name YourNameGoesHere</tt></li>
<li><tt>r_fullscreen 1</tt></li>
<li>Use the right mouse button to use your jetpack.</li>
<li>Press Q to switch to your secondary weapon and E to throw grenades.</li>
<p>Start Soldat by typing:</p>
<p><tt>./soldat -join {{ site.content.play_domain_name }}</tt></p>
<p>You should now be connected. If it doesn't work. Try to connect by IP address instead of domain name.</p>