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layout: help
game: minetest
<li>Movement: A, S, W, D</li>
<li>Drop bomb: Left Shift (sneak)(</li>
<li>Throw a bomb that you are standing in: Space (jump) (if player has Spring)</li>
<li>Punch bomb: Left mouse button (punch) (with Fist)</li>
Under address fill in <span class="fw-bold">{{ site.content.play_domain_name }}</span> and keep the port at
<span class="fw-bold">30000</span>. Click on Register to set your in-game name. You can leave the password blank
since this server will disappear after the event anyway.
<img src="assets/img/help_minetest.png" alt="The register screen in the Minetest client" class="img-fluid">
<p>You will be placed in the lobby with the other players</p>