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game: mindustry
There is lots of stuff to build, so at first things will be
daunting, but worry not, the mode is co-op so you are all
working together.
<li>Move around with the WASD keys.</li>
<li>Use the left mouse button to shoot or build. It will build if you select something from the menu in the bottom right, otherwise it will shoot.</li>
From the main menu choose &quot;Play&quot; and then &quot;Join
Game&quot;. You will be able to set you in-game name here.
<p>To join the server, click on &quot;Add Server&quot; and type in <span class="fw-bold">{{ site.content.play_domain_name }}</span>. When you press Ok, it will be added under &quot;Remote Servers&quot;.</p>
<img src="assets/img/help_mindustry.png" alt="The join screen in Mindustry with the server added" class="img-fluid">
<p>You can then click on the server name to join.</p>