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<li>You can only control the Lix that are the colour you chose</li>
<li>You only get points for Lix going into the exits that are in your colour</li>
<li>You also get points if other coloured Lix go into your exits</li>
<li>The baseball bat is a great way to get rid of enemy blockers</li>
<p>Click on &quot;Options&quot;. Then under the &quot;General&quot; tab, you can input your player name. Click on &quot;Okay&quot; to confirm.</p>
<p>Click on &quot;Network Game&quot;.</p>
<p>Under address, fill out <span class="fw-bold">{{ site.content.play_domain_name }}</span> and keep the port set to <span class="fw-bold">22934</span>. Then click on &quot;Okay&quot; to connect.</p>
<p>You should see a room on the upper right. Click on that to join.</p>
<p>Choose your colour and then click &quot;Okay&quot;</p>