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game: fteqw
<li>Use &lt;SPACE&gt; to jump</li>
<p>While FTEQW does have a launcher, if requires that you have Quake assets available locally. It won't launch the game without it, which means you either need the original game data of open assets such as <a href="https://github.com/MissLavender-LQ/LibreQuake">LibreQuake</a>.</p>
<p>However, if you connect to the game server directly, FTEQW will download the required assets automatically from the server.</p>
<p>From the terminal, type (on a single line):</p>
<p><tt>fteqw-sdl2 +connect {{ site.content.play_domain_name }} +set com_gamename "" +set vid_fullscreen 2 +name "YourName"</tt></p>
<p>Of course, substitute &quot;YourName&quot; with the in-game name you want.</p>
<p>It will complain about missing files, but you can ignore that. Just press &lt;Esc&gt; and you are on your way!</p>