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game: bzflag
<li>Jump using the &lt;Tab&gt; key</li>
<li>Shoot using the &lt;Enter&gt; key</li>
<li>You stay still by placing the mouse cursor on the centre of the screen. Placing it slightly above will slowly move forward and all the way at the top means maximum speed. The same for turning left or right or reversing.</li>
<p>Use the arrow keys to nagivate to Join Game and press &lt;Enter&gt;.</p>
Move down to Server and type <span class="fw-bold">{{ site.content.play_domain_name }}</span> and keep the port number at <span class="fw-bold">5154</span>.
You can also set your Callsign here. This is how other players will see
your name. Then move up to Connect and press &lt;Enter&gt;.</p>
<img src="assets/img/help_bzflag.png" alt="Server join screen for Bzflag" class="img-fluid">
<p>You should now be connected.</p>