Source files for the LibreGaming website

Updated 2023-09-30 22:15:17 +02:00

A fork of the original contentdb, codenamed "Okapi".

Updated 2022-03-19 05:37:43 +01:00

LibreGaming Frontend Styles contains the stylesheets and code used on the LibreGaming Website. Frontend Styles offers responsive design and modularity.

Updated 2022-02-28 03:32:53 +01:00

This is the official Website of the onFOSS-LAN organizations.

Updated 2023-08-19 14:06:46 +02:00

This repository just holds the static website after it gets build by Jekyll to automate the deployment on a webspace.

Updated 2023-09-25 12:15:40 +02:00