A fork of the original contentdb, codenamed "Okapi".
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rubenwardy 8ad066409c Fix notification digest issue 8 months ago
blueprints Fix notification digest issue 8 months ago
flatpages Add single API to upload cover image 8 months ago
logic Attempt to fix package session issues 8 months ago
models Add ability for moderators to convert reviews into threads 8 months ago
public Small fixes 8 months ago
scss Support links to video hosts other than YouTube 8 months ago
tasks Run game support update_all on unapproved mods too 8 months ago
templates Fix notification digest issue 8 months ago
tests Add support for YouTube video embeds 8 months ago
utils Revert "Limit visibility of unapproved packages to maintainers and approvers" and "Fix 404 on packages when not logged in" 8 months ago
__init__.py Enable Russian language 8 months ago
default_data.py Fix migration 10 months ago
maillogger.py Fix sending error email on email ratelimit 8 months ago
markdown.py Fix mention linkifying emails 8 months ago
querybuilder.py Add community hub to list game content 8 months ago
rediscache.py Clean up code 2 years ago
sass.py Update to Python 3.10 8 months ago
template_filters.py Add reporting system 8 months ago